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Search terms can be entered in English or Arabic script.

If you do not have the required keyboard installed, you can use the virtual keyboard (VKB) button next to the search box to enter your search terms.

Searching can be done using two types of searches, either simple or advanced

Simple search looks for the stemmed searched terms in all indexed fields. it will also retrieve all variants of the words "dotless" and "diacritics".

For advanced search, the following syntax can be used:

  • Enter double quotes around a phrase to search for the whole phrase
  • Enter double quotes a round a words to get the exact matach of the word respectively, you can use this option when searching for the exact dotless word.
  • Enter + before a term to make it mandatory.
  • Enter – before a term to exclude it.
  • The wildcards ? and * can be entered as wildcards for one or more letters, respectively.

By default, all indexed fields are searched. However, one can select to search in one of the following fields only: Incipit, Colpohon of manuscript, colophon of work, table of content, notes and provenance. To search within one of these fields (excluding all other fields) use the dropdown box at the end of the search box.